Coxhead AWL + chatGPT sentence generation v2

In a table, add a short sentence of less than 5 words for each of the words listed, that supports a second language learner of english to understand how the word could be used, and also allows for focused practice of the top 6 most difficult phonetic sounds in english

Word Example Sentence
analyse Analyse the data carefully.
analysed She analysed the report.
analyser Use an analyser tool.
analysers The analysers are helpful.
analyses He performs analyses daily.
analysing She is analysing results.
analysis The analysis was thorough.
analyst He is a financial analyst.
analysts Analysts predicted growth.
analytic She has an analytic mind.
analytical His approach is analytical.
analytically Think analytically please.
analyze They analyze data efficiently.
analyzed Data was analyzed quickly.
analyzes He analyzes trends often.
analyzing Analyzing takes time.
approach Take a direct approach.
approachable She is very approachable.
approached He approached the problem.
approaches New approaches are needed.
approaching The deadline is approaching.
unapproachable The boss is unapproachable.
area This area is large.
areas The areas are distinct.
assess Assess the situation first.
assessable The damage is assessable.
assessed The risk was assessed.
assesses She assesses progress weekly.
assessing They are assessing damage.
assessment The assessment is fair.
assessments Assessments are ongoing.
reassess We must reassess plans.
reassessed The plan was reassessed.
reassessing He is reassessing options.
reassessment A reassessment is needed.
unassessed Some risks are unassessed.
assume Assume it’s true.
assumed She assumed the role.
assumes He assumes too much.
assuming Assuming it rains, stay inside.
assumption That’s a safe assumption.
assumptions Assumptions can be wrong.
authority He has authority here.
authoritative Her tone is authoritative.
authorities Authorities were notified.
available The book is available now.
availability Check the room’s availability.
unavailable He is currently unavailable.
benefit It will benefit everyone.
beneficial Exercise is beneficial.
beneficiary She is the beneficiary.
beneficiaries The beneficiaries were informed.
benefited He benefited from it.
benefiting We are benefiting greatly.
benefits The benefits are clear.
concept This concept is new.
conception His conception was flawed.
concepts Concepts must be clear.
conceptual The model is conceptual.
conceptualisation Conceptualisation takes time.
conceptualise We must conceptualise it.
conceptualised The idea was conceptualised.
conceptualises She conceptualises quickly.
conceptualising They are conceptualising now.
conceptually Think conceptually first.
consist The team consists of experts.
consisted The meal consisted of pasta.
consistency Consistency is key.
consistent Her work is consistent.
consistently He performs consistently well.
consisting A group consisting of five.
consists The cake consists of layers.
inconsistencies There are inconsistencies here.
inconsistency Spot the inconsistency.
inconsistent His answers are inconsistent.
constitute These elements constitute a whole.
constituencies The constituencies vary.
constituency His constituency is large.
constituent This is a key constituent.
constituents The constituents are mixed.
constituted The board is constituted of members.
constitutes This constitutes a problem.
constituting Factors constituting a risk.
constitution The constitution is old.
constitutions Different countries have constitutions.
constitutional It’s a constitutional right.
constitutionally Constitutionally protected.
constitutive Constitutive elements matter.
unconstitutional That law is unconstitutional.
context Understand the context first.
contexts Different contexts change meaning.
contextual It’s a contextual issue.
contextualise Contextualise the situation.
contextualised The text is contextualised.
contextualising We are contextualising facts.
uncontextualised The quote is uncontextualised.
contextualize They need to contextualize it.
contextualized It was well contextualized.
contextualizing We are contextualizing now.
uncontextualized The phrase is uncontextualized.
contract Sign the contract here.
contracted They contracted a disease.
contracting Contracting is necessary.
contractor Hire a good contractor.
contractors The contractors arrived.
contracts Read the contracts carefully.
create Create a new file.
created A sculpture was created.
creates She creates beautiful art.
creating They are creating noise.
creation The creation was amazing.
creations Her creations are unique.
creative He’s very creative.
creatively Think creatively today.
creativity Creativity is encouraged.
creator She’s the creator.
creators They are content creators.
recreate Recreate the experiment.
recreated The scene was recreated.
recreates He recreates old paintings.
recreating We are recreating history.
data Data is collected daily.
define Define your goals.
definable The concept is definable.
defined Terms are clearly defined.
defines The law defines rights.
defining Defining moments matter.
definition Give a clear definition.
definitions Learn the definitions well.
redefine Redefine the parameters.
redefined The term was redefined.
redefines He redefines concepts.
redefining They are redefining roles.
undefined The term is undefined.
derive Derive the answer here.
derivation Understand the derivation.
derivations Derivations are important.
derivative It’s a derivative work.
derivatives Financial derivatives vary.
derived The theory is derived from…
derives The word derives from Latin.
deriving We are deriving results.
distribute Distribute the flyers.
distributed Funds were distributed.
distributing He is distributing goods.
distribution The distribution is fair.
distributional There are distributional impacts.
distributions Observe the distributions.
distributive Distributive property matters.
distributor He’s the main distributor.
distributors The distributors arrived.
redistribute Redistribute the resources.
redistributed The wealth was redistributed.
redistributes She redistributes funds.
redistributing They are redistributing now.
redistribution Redistribution is necessary.
economy The economy is growing.
economic Economic policies vary.
economical This car is economical.
economically It is economically viable.
economics He studies economics.
economies Different economies thrive.
economist She is an economist.
economists Economists predict trends.
uneconomical This method is uneconomical.
environment Protect the environment.
environmental Environmental issues matter.
environmentalist He is an environmentalist.
environmentalists Environmentalists protested.
environmentally Think environmentally friendly.
environments Different environments exist.
establish Establish the rules.
disestablish They disestablish traditions.
disestablished Traditions were disestablished.
disestablishes He disestablishes norms.
disestablishing They are disestablishing customs.
disestablishment The disestablishment happened.
established Rules were established.
establishes It establishes guidelines.
establishing We are establishing trust.
establishment The establishment is old.
establishments Old establishments remain.
estimate Provide an estimate now.
estimated Costs were estimated.
estimates He estimates the price.
estimating She is estimating costs.
estimation His estimation was correct.
estimations Different estimations vary.
over-estimate Don’t over-estimate expenses.
overestimate He overestimates risks.
overestimated The time was overestimated.
overestimates She overestimates easily.
overestimating They are overestimating.
underestimate Don’t underestimate them.
underestimated He underestimated the costs.
underestimates She underestimates needs.
underestimating Stop underestimating threats.
evident It was evident quickly.
evidenced The claim was evidenced.
evidence Provide clear evidence.
evidential There’s evidential support.
evidently Evidently, he was right.
export Export goods abroad.
exported Goods were exported.
exporter She is an exporter.
exporters Exporters met today.
exporting They are exporting now.
exports Exporting increased.
factor It’s a key factor.
factored Costs were factored in.
factoring He is factoring variables.
factors Different factors matter.
finance Finance the project.
financed The project was financed.
finances Manage your finances well.
financial He is a financial advisor.
financially She is financially stable.
financier He is a financier.
financiers Financiers agreed.
financing They are financing it.
formula Solve the formula.
formulae Different formulae exist.
formulas Learn the formulas.
formulate Formulate a plan.
formulated The plan was formulated.
formulating He is formulating ideas.
formulation The formulation is complex.
formulations Different formulations matter.
reformulate We need to reformulate.
reformulated The plan was reformulated.
reformulating They are reformulating now.
reformulation The reformulation helped.
reformulations Reformulations were needed.
function The function was clear.
functional It is functional.
functionally It works functionally.
functioned The machine functioned well.
functioning It’s functioning properly.
functions It functions properly.
identify Identify the problem.
identifiable It’s easily identifiable.
identification Provide identification.
identified She was identified.
identifies He identifies risks.
identifying Identifying is crucial.
identities Different identities matter.
identity Identity is important.
unidentifiable It’s unidentifiable now.
income His income increased.
incomes Incomes vary widely.
indicate The results indicate success.
indicated She indicated agreement.
indicates This indicates progress.
indicating He is indicating issues.
indication The indication was clear.
indications Indications show improvement.
indicative It’s indicative of change.
indicator This indicator matters.
indicators Different indicators exist.
individual Every individual matters.
individualised The plan is individualised.
individuality Celebrate individuality.
individualism He values individualism.
individualist She is an individualist.
individualists Individualists prefer freedom.
individualistic His approach is individualistic.
individually Think individually.
individuals The individuals met.
interpret Interpret the results.
interpretation Her interpretation matters.
interpretations Different interpretations exist.
interpretative It’s an interpretative work.
interpreted The message was interpreted.
interpreting He is interpreting now.
interpretive It’s interpretive art.
interprets She interprets well.
misinterpret Don’t misinterpret signs.
misinterpretation That’s a misinterpretation.
misinterpretations Misinterpretations happen.
misinterpreted The text was misinterpreted.
misinterpreting He is misinterpreting facts.
misinterprets She misinterprets easily.
reinterpret Reinterpret the data.
reinterpreted The rules were reinterpreted.
reinterprets He reinterprets classics.
reinterpreting She is reinterpreting now.
reinterpretation A reinterpretation is needed.
reinterpretations Different reinterpretations exist.
involve Involve the team early.
involved He was involved deeply.
involvement Her involvement helped.
involves This involves risk.
involving They are involving experts.
uninvolved He stayed uninvolved.
issue This is a major issue.
issued A statement was issued.
issues The issues are clear.
issuing They are issuing warnings.
labour Labour is essential.
labor Labor costs increased.
labored He labored all day.
labors She labors hard.
laboured The point was laboured.
labouring Labouring is tough.
labours His labours paid off.
legal It is a legal matter.
illegal That act is illegal.
illegality Address the illegality.
illegally He acted illegally.
legality Check the legality.
legally It was legally binding.
legislate They will legislate soon.
legislated The rule was legislated.
legislates He legislates for change.
legislating She is legislating now.
legislation The legislation passed.
legislative The legislative process.
legislator He is a legislator.
legislators Legislators met today.
legislature The legislature voted.
major It’s a major event.
majorities Majorities agreed.
majority The majority voted.
method This method works well.
methodical Her work is methodical.
methodological The approach is methodological.
methodologies Different methodologies exist.
methodology The methodology was sound.
methods Use different methods.
occur Changes occur daily.
occurred The event occurred yesterday.
occurrence A rare occurrence.
occurrences These occurrences are frequent.
occurring It’s occurring now.
occurs It occurs often.
reoccur Problems reoccur frequently.
reoccurred The issue reoccurred.
reoccurring It’s reoccurring again.
reoccurs It reoccurs every year.
percent He scored 90 percent.
percentage A high percentage passed.
percentages Percentages vary widely.
period For a short period.
periodic Periodic reviews help.
periodical A periodical publication.
periodically Check periodically.
periodicals Read periodicals monthly.
periods Different periods studied.
policy The policy changed.
policies New policies adopted.
principle It’s a basic principle.
principled She is very principled.
principles Learn the principles well.
unprincipled His actions are unprincipled.
proceed Proceed with caution.
procedural Follow procedural rules.
procedure The procedure was complex.
procedures New procedures established.
proceeded She proceeded slowly.
proceeding We are proceeding now.
proceedings Legal proceedings started.
proceeds He proceeds carefully.
process The process is long.
processed Data was processed.
processes Learn the processes.
processing We are processing files.
require This requires attention.
required Skills required vary.
requirement Fulfill the requirement.
requirements Meet all requirements.
requires It requires approval.
requiring Requiring more resources.
research Conduct thorough research.
researched The topic was researched.
researcher She is a researcher.
researchers Researchers found evidence.
researches He researches daily.
researching They are researching now.
respond Respond quickly please.
responded He responded well.
respondent The respondent agreed.
respondents Survey respondents varied.
responding She is responding now.
responds He responds quickly.
response The response was quick.
responses Different responses noted.
responsive Be more responsive.
responsiveness Check responsiveness levels.
unresponsive He was unresponsive.
role Play your role well.
roles Different roles assigned.
section This section is key.
sectioned It was sectioned off.
sectioning We are sectioning parts.
sections Different sections included.
sector The sector is growing.
sectors Different sectors affected.
significant A significant change.
insignificant The detail is insignificant.
insignificantly Insignificantly small impact.
significance The significance is clear.
significantly It changed significantly.
signified The nod signified agreement.
signifies This signifies progress.
signify These changes signify hope.
signifying They are signifying intent.
similar Their ideas are similar.
dissimilar The two are dissimilar.
similarities Note the similarities.
similarity Similarity is evident.
similarly They acted similarly.
source This is a primary source.
sourced It was sourced locally.
sources Various sources confirm it.
sourcing We are sourcing materials.
specific Be specific about needs.
specifically She asked specifically.
specification Follow the specification.
specifications Check the specifications.
specificity Note the specificity.
specifics Provide the specifics.
structure The structure is sound.
restructure We will restructure soon.
restructured The company was restructured.
restructures He restructures frequently.
restructuring We are restructuring now.
structural A structural problem exists.
structurally It’s structurally sound.
structured The plan is structured.
structures Different structures observed.
structuring He is structuring data.
unstructured The data is unstructured.
theory The theory is complex.
theoretical It’s a theoretical model.
theoretically Theoretically, it’s sound.
theories Different theories explored.
theorist She is a theorist.
theorists Theorists discussed ideas.
vary Results may vary.
invariable This rule is invariable.
invariably It invariably changes.
variability Note the variability.
variable The variable is unknown.
variables Identify all variables.
variably It works variably.
variance There’s a variance noted.
variant A new variant emerged.
variants Different variants exist.
variation Note the variation here.
variations Study the variations.
varied The responses were varied.
varies His work varies greatly.
varying Varying levels of success.