Coxhead AWL + chatGPT

In a table, add a short sentence for each of the words listed, that supports a second language learner of english to understand how the word could be used, and also allows for focused practice of the top 6 most difficult phonemic sounds in english

Word Sentence
analyse They need to analyse the data thoroughly to find the truth.
analysed She analysed the report and found several issues.
analyser The water analyser detected very low levels of pollutants.
analysers Modern analysers can quickly identify chemical compounds.
analyses His analyses revealed new patterns in the data.
analysing She is analysing the results to discover what went wrong.
analysis The analysis of the experiment showed unexpected results.
analyst The analyst provided a detailed review of the financial markets.
analysts The analysts agreed that the company’s strategy was sound.
analytic He used an analytic method to solve the complex problem.
analytical Her analytical skills are highly valued in the team.
analytically They approached the issue analytically to find the best solution.
analyze We need to analyze this situation carefully to understand all aspects.
analyzed The data was analyzed by the team overnight.
analyzes The software analyzes large amounts of information quickly.
analyzing He is busy analyzing the survey responses from customers.
approach Their new approach to the problem was innovative and effective.
approachable Despite his position, he is very approachable and friendly.
approached She approached the task with confidence and enthusiasm.
approaches The company often approaches challenges with a fresh perspective.
approaching With the deadline approaching, everyone worked harder.
unapproachable The teacher seemed unapproachable, making students hesitant to ask questions.
area This area is known for its beautiful scenery and friendly people.
areas The city has several areas designated for parks and recreation.
assess Before we proceed, we need to assess the risks involved.
assessable The damages were assessable and covered by insurance.
assessed The property was assessed at a higher value than expected.
assesses He assesses each student’s progress at the end of the term.
assessing The committee is assessing the impact of the new policy.
assessment The assessment revealed significant improvements in the project.
assessments Regular assessments help in tracking the students’ progress.
reassess We need to reassess our priorities in light of the recent changes.
reassessed The plan was reassessed after considering the new data.
reassessing They are reassessing the project’s feasibility.
reassessment A reassessment of the situation is required every quarter.
unassessed There are still unassessed risks that need attention.
assume It’s not wise to assume anything without proper evidence.
assumed She assumed the role of leader without hesitation.
assumes He assumes everyone knows the rules.
assuming Assuming the weather stays good, we will have a picnic.
assumption The assumption was that everyone would bring their own food.
assumptions Their assumptions were proven to be incorrect.
authority The teacher has the authority to enforce the rules.
authoritative He gave an authoritative answer that ended the debate.
authorities The authorities issued a warning about the storm.
available The new book will be available in stores tomorrow.
availability Check the availability of the product before ordering.
unavailable The manager is currently unavailable for a meeting.
benefit Regular exercise has many health benefits.
beneficial Learning a new language is beneficial for your brain.
beneficiary She was named the beneficiary of his life insurance policy.
beneficiaries The beneficiaries of the will gathered to hear its reading.
benefited The community benefited greatly from the new park.
benefiting The students are benefiting from the new teaching methods.
benefits The job comes with excellent benefits, including health insurance.
concept The concept of time travel fascinates many people.
conception The conception of the project started two years ago.
concepts Basic math concepts are essential for advanced studies.
conceptual Her conceptual design was innovative and practical.
conceptualisation The conceptualisation of the idea took several months.
conceptualise They need to conceptualise a new marketing strategy.
conceptualised The artist conceptualised the painting before starting.
conceptualises She conceptualises her ideas with detailed sketches.
conceptualising They are conceptualising a new app for online learning.
conceptually The plan is conceptually sound and well thought out.
consist A healthy diet should consist of fruits and vegetables.
consisted The meal consisted of three courses.
consistency The consistency of the pudding was perfect.
consistent Her work is always consistent in quality.
consistently He consistently performs well under pressure.
consisting The package is consisting of several parts.
consists The team consists of five members.
inconsistencies There are several inconsistencies in his story.
inconsistency The inconsistency of his answers raised suspicion.
inconsistent His behavior has been inconsistent lately.
constitute These ingredients constitute the main part of the dish.
constituencies The politician addressed his constituencies with confidence.
constituency The constituency was pleased with their representative’s work.
constituent Each constituent has a role in the overall system.
constituents The constituents of the mixture need to be measured carefully.
constituted The committee was constituted by senior members.
constitutes This rule constitutes an essential part of the agreement.
constituting The members forming the group are constituting a new committee.
constitution The constitution protects the rights of citizens.
constitutions Many countries have written constitutions.
constitutional The changes were deemed constitutional by the court.
constitutionally The law was challenged constitutionally.
constitutive These elements are constitutive of the whole structure.
unconstitutional The law was declared unconstitutional by the supreme court.
context The word can change meaning depending on the context.
contexts Different contexts can alter the interpretation of the text.
contextual Contextual clues help understand the meaning of new words.
contextualise It’s important to contextualise historical events.
contextualised The events were contextualised within the broader narrative.
contextualising The teacher is good at contextualising difficult concepts.
uncontextualised The data was presented in an uncontextualised manner.
contextualize Contextualize your argument to make it more convincing.
contextualized The research was well contextualized with real-world examples.
contextualizing The students are contextualizing the lesson to current events.
uncontextualized The information appeared uncontextualized and confusing.
contract They signed a contract to begin the project.
contracted The company contracted a new software developer.
contracting They are contracting out the construction work.
contractor The contractor will start the work next week.
contractors The contractors are responsible for the building’s renovation.
contracts The company has many contracts with different suppliers.
create She likes to create art in her free time.
created The artist created a beautiful sculpture.
creates This software creates stunning visual effects.
creating He is creating a new website for his business.
creation The creation of the new policy took several months.
creations Her creations are admired by many people.
creative She is known for her creative writing skills.
creatively He solved the problem creatively.
creativity Her creativity is evident in her work.
creator He is the creator of the famous comic book series.
creators The creators of the app received an award for innovation.
recreate They tried to recreate the scene from the movie.
recreated The historical event was recreated in the documentary.
recreates The game recreates ancient battles realistically.
recreating She is recreating the recipe from her grandmother.
data The data shows a significant increase in sales.
define We need to define the terms of the agreement.
definable The goals should be clear and definable.
defined The boundaries were clearly defined.
defines The dictionary defines the word as an action.
defining The moment was defining for his career.
definition The definition of the word was clear and precise.
definitions There are multiple definitions for some words.
redefine We need to redefine our approach to the problem.
redefined The company has redefined its mission statement.
redefines The new policy redefines the roles of employees.
redefining They are redefining what it means to be successful.
undefined The variables in the equation are undefined.
derive Many English words derive from Latin.
derivation The derivation of the word is interesting.
derivations The study of word derivations can be quite revealing.
derivative The math problem required finding the derivative.
derivatives Financial derivatives can be complex to understand.
derived The medicine is derived from natural sources.
derives He derives great pleasure from reading.
deriving They are deriving new insights from the data.
distribute They will distribute the flyers downtown.
distributed The goods were distributed evenly among the workers.
distributing They are distributing the food to those in need.
distribution The distribution of resources was fair and equal.
distributional The study focused on the distributional aspects of income.
distributions The distributions were calculated using advanced statistics.
distributive The distributive property is a fundamental concept in algebra.
distributor The distributor ensures that the products reach the stores.
distributors The company works with several distributors nationwide.
redistribute They plan to redistribute the land to the local farmers.
redistributed The resources were redistributed to ensure fairness.
redistributes The charity redistributes donations to various shelters.
redistributing They are redistributing the budget to prioritize education.
redistribution The policy focuses on the redistribution of wealth.
economy The economy is showing signs of recovery.
economic The country is facing economic challenges.
economical The car is economical and environmentally friendly.
economically The plan is both practical and economically viable.
economics He is studying economics at the university.
economies Different economies have different strengths and weaknesses.
economist The economist predicted a slow growth rate for the next year.
economists Economists often debate the causes of inflation.
uneconomical Running the old machine is uneconomical due to high maintenance costs.
environment The environment needs to be protected for future generations.
environmental Environmental issues are discussed at the conference.
environmentalist The environmentalist works to protect natural habitats.
environmentalists Environmentalists advocate for cleaner energy sources.
environmentally The new policy is environmentally friendly.
environments Different environments support different types of wildlife.
establish They plan to establish a new community center in the town.
disestablish The government decided to disestablish the old regulatory agency.
disestablished The rule was disestablished because it was outdated.
disestablishes The reform disestablishes outdated procedures.
disestablishing They are disestablishing the old traditions to make way for new ideas.
disestablishment The disestablishment of the law was controversial.
established The school was established in 1920.
establishes The contract establishes the terms of the agreement.
establishing They are establishing a new research center.
establishment The establishment of the organization was a major event.
establishments The new regulations affect all educational establishments.
estimate Can you estimate the cost of the repairs?
estimated The project is estimated to take two months.
estimates The estimates for the budget were too high.
estimating He is estimating the total expenses for the trip.
estimation In my estimation, the plan will succeed.
estimations Their estimations were close to the actual numbers.
over-estimate It’s easy to over-estimate the time needed for the task.
overestimate Don’t overestimate your abilities without proper training.
overestimated The demand for the new product was overestimated.
overestimates He often overestimates how much he can get done in a day.
overestimating She is overestimating her chances of winning the competition.
underestimate Do not underestimate the difficulty of the exam.
underestimated They underestimated the cost of the project.
underestimates He underestimates the time required to finish the work.
underestimating Underestimating the opponent can lead to a loss.
evident It was evident that he was not telling the truth.
evidenced His guilt was evidenced by the fingerprints on the weapon.
evidence There is no evidence to support the claim.
evidential The evidential value of the document was questioned.
evidently Evidently, he was not prepared for the exam.
export They plan to export goods to Europe.
exported The company exported many products last year.
exporter He is a major exporter of coffee.
exporters Exporters benefit from trade agreements.
exporting They are exporting cars to several countries.
exports The country’s exports have increased significantly.
factor Cost is a major factor in deciding which car to buy.
factored They factored in the weather conditions when planning the event.
factoring She is factoring in all possible costs.
factors Many factors contribute to a successful business.
finance He decided to finance his new car.
financed The project was financed by several investors.
finances She manages the finances for the company.
financial He received financial support from his family.
financially The project is not financially viable.
financier The financier approved the loan for the new business.
financiers Financiers play a key role in funding large projects.
financing They are financing the construction of the new building.
formula The formula for the chemical compound is complex.
formulae The math textbook contains many formulae.
formulas Different formulas are used to solve the equations.
formulate They need to formulate a new plan for the project.
formulated The scientist formulated a new hypothesis.
formulating She is formulating a strategy for the team.
formulation The formulation of the policy took several weeks.
formulations Various formulations of the medicine are available.
reformulate They will reformulate the proposal based on the feedback.
reformulated The product was reformulated to improve its taste.
reformulating The team is reformulating its approach to the problem.
reformulation The reformulation of the drug made it more effective.
reformulations There have been several reformulations of the theory.
function The function of this tool is to cut metal.
functional The design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
functionally The device is functionally superior to the previous model.
functioned The machine functioned well despite its age.
functioning They are working on ensuring the system is functioning properly.
functions The app has several useful functions.
identify They need to identify the problem before fixing it.
identifiable The brand is easily identifiable by its logo.
identification You need identification to enter the building.
identified The thief was identified by the security camera.
identifies She identifies herself as an artist.
identifying He is good at identifying different types of birds.
identities Their identities were kept secret for privacy reasons.
identity His identity was revealed at the end of the story.
unidentifiable The object was unidentifiable due to its damage.
income Her income has increased since she started the new job.
incomes The incomes of both households are similar.
indicate The signs indicate the way to the exit.
indicated The data indicated a need for improvement.
indicates This map indicates the location of the treasure.
indicating She is indicating that she agrees with the plan.
indication There is no indication that the weather will improve.
indications The early indications are that the project will succeed.
indicative The symptoms are indicative of a common cold.
indicator The light is an indicator that the device is on.
indicators Economic indicators show growth in the sector.
individual Each individual has unique talents.
individualised The treatment plan was individualised for the patient.
individuality He expressed his individuality through his art.
individualism Individualism is highly valued in some cultures.
individualist She is an individualist who prefers to work alone.
individualists The group consists of strong individualists.
individualistic His individualistic approach sometimes clashes with team goals.
individually Each item is individually wrapped for freshness.
individuals Many individuals contributed to the success of the event.
interpret Can you interpret this ancient text?
interpretation His interpretation of the play was unique.
interpretations The novel has many possible interpretations.
interpretative The dance was an interpretative expression of the music.
interpreted The results were interpreted by the researchers.
interpreting She is interpreting the speech into sign language.
interpretive His interpretive skills make him a great actor.
interprets He interprets dreams for a living.
misinterpret Don’t misinterpret my words as criticism.
misinterpretation There was a misinterpretation of the data.
misinterpretations Different people have different misinterpretations of the same message.
misinterpreted She misinterpreted his friendly gesture as an insult.
misinterpreting They are misinterpreting the instructions.
misinterprets He often misinterprets social cues.
reinterpret We need to reinterpret the findings in a new light.
reinterpreted The poem was reinterpreted by the modern artist.
reinterprets She reinterprets classic songs in a contemporary style.
reinterpreting The director is reinterpreting the old play for a modern audience.
reinterpretation The reinterpretation of the law changed its application.
reinterpretations The book offers several reinterpretations of historical events.
involve The project will involve many different tasks.
involved She was involved in the planning of the event.
involvement His involvement in the project was crucial.
involves The job involves a lot of travel.
involving They are involving the community in the decision-making process.
uninvolved He remained uninvolved in the dispute.
issue The main issue is the lack of funding.
issued The company issued a statement regarding the incident.
issues There are several issues that need to be addressed.
issuing They are issuing new guidelines for the employees.
labour The labour costs have increased.
labor Labor unions are important for protecting workers’ rights.
labored He labored all night to finish the project.
labors She labors in the fields every day.
laboured The speech was laboured and difficult to follow.
labouring They were labouring under harsh conditions.
labours He labours hard for his family.
legal It’s important to understand the legal implications.
illegal The company was fined for illegal practices.
illegality The illegality of the act was proven in court.
illegally They entered the country illegally.
legality The legality of the contract was questioned.
legally He is legally responsible for his actions.
legislate The government plans to legislate new safety measures.
legislated New rules were legislated to improve public health.
legislates The council legislates on local matters.
legislating They are legislating stricter environmental laws.
legislation The new legislation will take effect next month.
legislative The legislative process can be slow and complex.
legislator He is a respected legislator in the government.
legislators Legislators debated the new bill for hours.
legislature The legislature passed the new law.
major He played a major role in the success of the project.
majorities The majorities in both houses supported the bill.
majority The majority of the students passed the exam.
method The scientific method is a systematic way of learning.
methodical He is very methodical in his work.
methodological The study followed a rigorous methodological approach.
methodologies Different methodologies were used in the research.
methodology The methodology of the study was sound.
methods Various methods were tested to find the best solution.
occur The events will occur next week.
occurred The accident occurred late at night.
occurrence The occurrence of the event was unexpected.
occurrences There were several occurrences of the same problem.
occurring The changes are occurring gradually.
occurs It often occurs when you least expect it.
reoccur The issue may reoccur if not properly addressed.
reoccurred The problem reoccurred despite the fix.
reoccurring He has a reoccurring role on the TV show.
reoccurs The pain reoccurs every few weeks.
percent Fifty percent of the class passed the exam.
percentage The percentage of students who passed was high.
percentages Different percentages were calculated for each group.
period The period of time needed to complete the project was underestimated.
periodic Periodic updates are sent to all members.
periodical He writes for a scientific periodical.
periodically The system needs to be checked periodically.
periodicals She subscribes to several periodicals.
periods The project has different phases and periods.
policy The company has a strict privacy policy.
policies The new policies aim to improve employee satisfaction.
principle Honesty is a core principle of the organization.
principled He is a principled leader who stands by his values.
principles The principles of democracy are important to uphold.
unprincipled The decision was seen as unprincipled by many.
proceed We can proceed with the meeting once everyone arrives.
procedural The procedural rules must be followed closely.
procedure The procedure for applying for a visa is straightforward.
procedures The safety procedures were reviewed and updated.
proceeded He proceeded to explain the next steps.
proceeding She is proceeding with caution.
proceedings The court proceedings lasted all day.
proceeds The proceeds from the sale will go to charity.
process The process of making cheese is fascinating.
processed The data was processed quickly by the computer.
processes The company is improving its processes.
processing They are processing the applications now.
require The job will require you to travel.
required The required documents must be submitted by Friday.
requirement Meeting the requirement is essential for approval.
requirements The project has specific requirements that must be met.
requires The task requires careful planning.
requiring This job is requiring more effort than expected.
research He is conducting research on renewable energy.
researched The topic was thoroughly researched before the presentation.
researcher She is a leading researcher in her field.
researchers Researchers are working on a new vaccine.
researches He researches new trends in technology.
researching She is researching the effects of pollution on health.
respond Please respond to the invitation by Friday.
responded He responded to the question confidently.
respondent The respondent answered all the survey questions.
respondents Most respondents agreed with the proposed changes.
responding She is responding well to the treatment.
responds He responds quickly to emails.
response The response to the new product has been positive.
responses They received many responses to the survey.
responsive The team is very responsive to customer feedback.
responsiveness The responsiveness of the service is impressive.
unresponsive The patient was unresponsive to the initial treatment.
role He played a key role in the company’s success.
roles Different roles are assigned to team members.
section This section of the book is very interesting.
sectioned The area was sectioned off for safety reasons.
sectioning They are sectioning the building into different zones.
sections The report has several sections to cover all topics.
sector The technology sector is growing rapidly.
sectors The economy is divided into various sectors.
significant The change had a significant impact on the community.
insignificant The error was deemed insignificant in the final report.
insignificantly The results varied insignificantly between the two tests.
significance The significance of the event was not immediately apparent.
significantly Sales have increased significantly this quarter.
signified The red flag signified danger.
signifies This gesture signifies respect in their culture.
signify These signs signify the entrance to the cave.
signifying She was signifying that she agreed with the plan.
similar These two paintings are very similar in style.
dissimilar Their opinions are not dissimilar; they both agree on the main points.
similarities There are many similarities between these languages.
similarity The similarity between the two is striking.
similarly Similarly, both plans have their pros and cons.
source The river is the source of water for the village.
sourced The ingredients are sourced locally.
sources They use multiple sources for their research.
sourcing They are sourcing new materials for the project.
specific I need a specific type of battery for this device.
specifically The rule was specifically designed to prevent this issue.
specification The car meets all safety specifications.
specifications The engineer reviewed the design specifications.
specificity The specificity of the instructions is crucial.
specifics Can you explain the specifics of the plan?
structure The structure of the building is very strong.
restructure The company plans to restructure its departments.
restructured The team was restructured to improve efficiency.
restructures He restructures his schedule to include more study time.
restructuring They are restructuring the organization for better performance.
structural The building has some structural damage.
structurally The bridge is structurally sound.
structured The essay is well-structured and easy to follow.
structures They study the structures of ancient civilizations.
structuring He is structuring his argument carefully.
unstructured The data is unstructured and needs to be organized.
theory The theory has been tested through various experiments.
theoretical He provided a theoretical explanation for the phenomenon.
theoretically Theoretically, this plan should work.
theories Theories are developed to explain observations.
theorist The theorist proposed a new idea.
theorists The theorists debated the implications of the findings.
vary The prices vary depending on the season.
invariable His invariable response is “yes.”
invariably Invariably, he arrives late to meetings.
variability There is a lot of variability in the test scores.
variable The weather is highly variable in this region.
variables The experiment has too many variables to control.
variably The results can be variably interpreted.
variance There is a significant variance in the data.
variant The new variant of the virus is more contagious.
variants There are several variants of the product available.
variation There is a lot of variation in the quality of the goods.
variations The menu has seasonal variations.
varied The responses to the survey were varied.
varies His mood varies from day to day.
varying The results are varying with each trial.